Monday, June 15, 2009

Project 3---Physical Model

Overall view of the design


View from the back

King St view, solid+void also used in this facade, the "solid" can display art works ; while "void" can allow people see through

King St view

Apartment and its courtyard

Section model

Gallery space( central courtyard and skylights)

Light effect of central courtyard

Gallery space ( right hand side) with people

Gallery space (left hand side) with people

Central courtyard

Gallery space environment

Gallery space environment

Gallery space environment

Gallery space environment

Apartment(door and windows open to the courtyard)

Roof (Central courtyard and side skylights)

Roof( grid system)

Roof (how the ceiling diffuse light)

Project 3---Drawing

Site plan



Rendered plan

Rendered interior perspectives (top line: gallery space; office; living room. bottom line: interior of the gallery)

Project 3---Final Design Concept

The basic concept of this Contemporary Aboriginal Gallery is architecturally represent Aboriginal culture. Based on a painting, the courtyard theme is established, meanwhile, almost all the elements of the building such as roof, facade, even the spaces are derived from the painting. The analogy shapes can be seen from anywhere in the building. To take the advantageous location of the site, openings on the King St are composed of shopwindows which can be displayed art works and Voids that can allow people looking through. The building itself and the roof will play a significant role to attact vistors coming from other streets. Lighting design in this building is various, diffuse northern light, northern light and southern light work together.

Project 3---Lighting (Ceiling) Design

The most challenging design is the "courtyard" in gallery space, it is defined as a courtyard without walls. In the courtyard will be shown aboriginal sculptures which suitable to display under northern diffuse light. But how to achieve this? How to avoid the northern light interfering with southern light?


1.Northern diffuse light for sculpture courtyard
2.Southern light for paintings hung on the walls
3.Two directions light won't interfer each other

My start point is this grid system, it reminds me to use the changable height of the ceiling.

I made a rough model to test the lighting effect

By extending the ceilings around the courtyard lower, the northern light will be diffused and gather to the central area.

The effect of the rough model, the contrast between light and dark can be noticed. The northern light can be the boundaries of the courtyard instead of walls.

The image shows the theory of the ceiling design. The ceiling are approximately 1 meter high, therefore, enough depth could be used to diffuse northern light. The boundary ceiling is much longer preventing northern light diffuse out of the courtyard.

Physical model of the ceiling of the central courtyard.

The combination of the northern light and southern light.

The sculptures in the central are lit by the northern diffuse light, southern light illuminates the paintings. They can exist harmoniously. Meanwhile, the darkness areas between the two light sources make contrast with them.

Project 3---Facade Design (Grid system)

Analogy shapes are the basic elements that can be used into both form and facade design. Architecturally represent Aboriginal culture.

Corner view

Facade of King St

Facade of Erskineville Road

Project 3---Programmes Development

The basic arrangments of spaces are based on this grid system, from the plan below, the relationship can be seen clearly. The courtyards become the central point where the spaces and functions of the gallery and apartment unfold. I also introduce some skylights in the gallery, office and workshop, all the light sources will be southern light.

The gallery locates closely to the King St which is the most busiest street. The apartment was put at the back of the site which has a more quiet environment. The office, workshop, storage occupy a thin strip, they are supposed to be connected together due to their closely related functions.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Project 3---Concept Development

This is a contemporary Aboriginal painting, this is the basic painting that gives me a lot of inspirations.

What we can read from this painting is "solid+void", the significance of this painting is reflected from these "solid+void"

There are many units in this painting, voids remaind me of courtyard, solids seem like rooms

Because the project include gallery space and residentail space, I combined these two units into the site, each one of them will have a courtyard. I think the theme can be defined as "courtyard" theme